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Sports Bar Slave LakeIn 1985 the Club Car Pub was built, which is now known as Doms Gastropub.  The name of the establishment was changed in October, 1998, and still remains to this date.  The business has gone through many changes over the years, changing with economic trends, and is currently undergoing another new look to satisfy the sports enthusiast, the social loungers, the dining guests, and the late night dance crowd.

Doms Gastropub's is located in the downtown core and is central in the business and residential district.  The business began with Jimmy Der, and is still family owned and operated by his son, Domino Der.

Domino Der, a former hockey coach, and a Jeet Kune Do instructor, follows in his father’s footsteps, spending most of his young years working in family restaurants both owned and operated by Jimmy Der.  Jimmy’s wall of fame displays Domino’s almost celebrity experiences both personally and through business, and portrays a picture of his life through sports, entertainment, and his passions.

Jimmy’s wall of fame includes the athletes he’s met, the entertaining guests that have visited the establishment, and through his traveling opportunities in the industry.  This wall continues to grow and has been made a conversation piece to many guests both in the area, and from abroad.  Traveling across Canada, Domino and his family had the opportunity to hold the Stanley Cup prior to its destination of landing in the teams hands of who would win it in the 2009/2010 playoffs.